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Club PGA Professional Peter Raine
Junior Academy Head Coach - PGA Professional Aaron Cox

Blackwell Grange Junior Golf Academy & Junior Academy Course Sponsored By

DARLINGTON BM - Liam McDermott

About the Junior Academy:

Blackwell Grange Junior Golf Academy is a modern golf club providing specialist golf development using technology to develop the juniors of today.  Our vision is to be the leading Junior Academy in the North Region of England for juniors of all ages, abilities and from all areas in the north. 

We have developed a facility with a full championship golf course, full 280-yard driving range, 90-yard short game area with putting and chipping areas.  The Blackwell Grange Junior Academy provides PGA Professional instruction with a 7-stage learning process utilising the Junior Development book to nurture the juniors.

To offer this opportunity to local kids in the north region to join a group of likeminded junior golfers and to create an atmosphere where the juniors are the leaders of the academy.

Junior Academy Development

The junior academy sorts to deliver professional and structured golf tuition to increase the knowledge of all facets of the game.  Introducing fitness, wellbeing into their lives will increase effort and participation.  Learning the fundamentals and moving onto playing the game will be the back bone of what the Blackwell Grange Junior Academy want to achieve.  Giving the opportunity to juniors to join the club and be a part of a golf club with a Championship golf course to continue improving will make it an easier road of development.

PGA Professional Aaron Cox has created a Junior Development Book which takes kids through a 7-stage process of learning the game of golf, from developing skills, challenges, behaviour, mental aspects, fitness challenges.  All these facets of golf will in turn with tuition increase their knowledge of the game and their swings. 

Teaching Juniors all ages from 6-15 years we have classes for the youngsters and have classes for the older juniors working specifically on technique and game thoughts.  Teaching the young kids in a fun and safe environment is number one, with the kids learning the fundamentals of the game – Grip, Aim, Stance and Posture with learning shots like chipping, putting, irons and driving.

The older juniors from 10 years on wards learning more about technique aspects – from takeaway, upswing, downswing and follow through.  Being able to create different ball flights and create shots in their mind in practice to create the same shots on the course.

The NEW Junior Academy Golf Course was Officially opened on September 28th 2019, which will create a pathway for kids to learn.  Teaching juniors about order of play, etiquette, rules and getting them ready for the main golf course.  The Junior Academy Course will host future Junior Tournaments which will be played over 2 rounds, this will be great for them to take all learning aspects from the classes into action in the tournaments.  These tournaments are designed for kids aged 6-10 who are not old enough, aren't able to hit the ball far enough on the main course.  The Junior Academy course will be perfect for the kids to grow and get confident playing golf on their very own course before moving to the Main championship course. 

The classes will cover all aspects of the game – from using the Driving range for all long game including driving, fairway woods and iron play.  The use of Flight scope Launch monitor will then teach the kids about launch angles and spin rates, understanding the 9 ball flight laws and swing components.

If you would like to learn golf in a structured program – then the Blackwell Grange Junior Golf Academy is for you, please contact Aaron and Peter at the club for further information on class times and costs.

Junior coaching is available:
Monday 5pm
Tuesday 5pm & 6pm
Wednesday 5pm & 6pm
Saturday 9am & (10am - Elite Class)
All ages and abilites are very welcome from 6-16.


March 14-14 Junior Academy Players Tournament
April 11-12 Junior Academy Masters Tournament
May 9-10 Junior Academy Tour Championship
June 20-21 Junior Academy Blackwell Grange Classic
July 18-19 Junior Academy Open Championship
September 12-13 Junior Academy Darlington BM Championship
September 26-27 Junior RYDER CUP
October 10-11 Junior Academy Blackwell Playoffs

The Winner of the Order of Merit over all 7 events will be named 2020 Junior Champion Golfer of the Year

Entries are open from February 1st and will close 4 days before each event.

The Tournaments are for kids who are 6-12 years old and each event is played on the Junior Academy Course designed for Kids.

To Join us in the Academy or to Play any of the Tournaments  contact the club's Pro Shop on 01325 461 002 or by email: