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Greens Report June 2018

We have received the report from A & F Consulting Engineers in respect of the drainage problems throughout the course. To summarise the recommendations are:

(a)  drainage to the 8th hole in its entirety, the adjacent practice area and areas to the south, west and north of the 7th green.

(b) new drainage system to the driving range, which also requires the land to be levelled as far as possible. The current drainage system is badly designed and inefficient and will require the existing manhole in the middle of the range to be deepened to enable more lateral drainage to feed into it.

(c) the repair of the existing drainage running from the 11th pond to the 16th fairway with, subject to further investigative work, probably new drainage beyond this point to the river Skerne. This whole drainage system is defective as, over time, it has filled up with silt, tree roots have grown into the pipework which has also suffered from cracking.

(d) reinforcement of the river bank at the 4th hole to prevent further erosion.


The drainage work cannot be undertaken during the winter months as it has to be carried out when the ground is firm and dry. We are therefore planning to have (a), (b) and possibly (d) to be carried out in September/October this year. A & F Consulting Engineers have therefore been instructed to design appropriate drainage systems, prepare specifications for the works, obtain competitive tenders from drainage contractors and oversee the drainage installations. As regards (c) some repair works will be carried out this year but the major part of this work will be undertaken in 2019.


On Monday 18 June and Friday 22 June surveyors will be carrying out a land survey over the relevant areas on the course.


A formal report is awaited from our agronomist in respect of the greens which in due course will be published on the members’ area of the web site.


The defective area on the 8th green was caused by a burst oil seal on the spraying machine. A five stage remedial process to the green is being undertaken which will require a few weeks for the green to be fully restored.


Doug Christie

Greens Chairman