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    *             Greens are currently cut at 3.2mm on a daily basis and turf ironed as required. Aprons are cut at 8mm, semi rough at 35mm and the rough is cut on a daily basis at 50mm.

    *             All paths/walkways have been rotavated and weeded. This is an ongoing process.

    *             Wetting agent has been applied to all greens.

    *             Chipping area is now in play.

    *             New irrigation has been installed on the ladies tees.

    *             Junior Academy cut out between the 10th and 18th.


    Next few weeks:


    *             Verti - cut tees and aprons

    *             Hand seed all bare areas on the greens.

    *             Spray tees and fairways for worms

    *             Apply a light dressing to all greens.

    *             Keep weeding the 4th.

    *             Take out some of the new sand in selected bunkers.

    *             Extend the fairways on the 3rd and 12th.

    *             Cut out a new walkway to the 18th tee (winter). 


    Kind Regards

    Mark McCabe Chairman of Greens


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