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Greens Report December 2018

I’m pleased to report that the course is bearing up well despite the recent inclement weather which has contributed to the work on the 9th hole falling behind schedule. Not withstanding the delay the work is progressing well and one can now appreciate how this hole will look from the tee. The work to the 11th and 13th holes will commence simutlaneously early in the new year with two temporary holes being established on the 2nd and 16th. Scorecards have been revised to reflect these temporary holes. It is our intention to reopen the holes at the commencement of the playing season and I would grateful for your patience over the winter months.

We have discovered an existing field drain at the 8th hole which is believed to have been laid sometime around the late 1930s, early 1940s. It is some five feet below ground level and runs parallel to Snipe Lane. We anticipate that in due course we shall be able to make use of this “live” drain for new drainage on this hole.

The drainage pipework from the 10th pond to the manhole at the 16th tee has been cleared of “root balls” and is now running freely although video camera footage shows that there is still a considerable amount of silt within the pipework. We have also discovered the reason why our drainage system floods within the rough, to the south of the 16th fairway. It appears that just outside our site boundary a large four foot diameter water main has interfered with the existing land drain. Northumbrian Water have been contacted and we await their findings.

Below is part of a letter published in this month’s edition of Golf Monthly and I am sure that we would all support the view set out in this paragraph.

"We have had both a mild winter and one blighted by snow, the wettest spring on record and a heatwave of epic warmth. How they managed to keep our courses playable through all of this is miraculous. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say a massive thankyou!"

Doug Christie

Greens Chairman

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