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       Greens Update January:


Green's -  Winter feed will be applied on a monthly basis. We will also continue to slit tine the Green's throughout the winter.


The damaged Poplar on the left hand side of the 1st green has been felled. The area has now been re-turfed and over seeded.

 Further investigation is needed around the drain on the  left of the 7th  and RS of 16th fairway( lanes for drains).

All fairways, new drainage lines and walkways have been slit tined.

Stumps - old and new - have been removed and re-turfed.

The holes to the left hand side of the 2nd green have been filled in.

The rough is currently cut at 2ins. We will maintain this height of cut throughout the winter.

Copse around the car park has been tidied up.

We will continue to cut the new chipping green with the tees mower throughout the winter.

We have found and repaired a drain in front of the 13th green.  


Next couple of months

Repair drain line on the 7th Fairway

Repair ladies 14th Tee.

Tidy up wood on the left side of 16.

Vert drain all Green's

Remove surplus sand from selected bunkers.

Bunker - demo machine? Booked in for January.

Continue to slit tine problem areas.


Kind Regards

Mark McCabe Chairman of Greens.