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       Greens Report April 2018

As I write this the bad weather has returned which inevitably has resulted in the closure of the course. It is of little comfort but other clubs are experiencing similar conditions and in some instances worse.

Although some new drainage was installed some two/three years ago it is obvious that more still needs to be done. We shall shortly be appointing a specialist drainage engineer to review our current drainage and to design a drainage system for the course. Once this is complete tenders will be obtained from drainage contractors. I shall report more on this action in due course.

Despite the weather the following has been carried out:-

- The apron around the 13th green has been re-turfed and is currently designated as GUR.
- Tree stumps at the 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th and 18th have been removed.
- Additional trees have been planted on holes 1 – 9.
- Hedges have been trimmed.
- The mats have been removed from all tees except the 1st and 4th due to the ground conditions.
- The tees have been sprayed to repel moss and worms
- The greens have been slit tined to relieve compaction and provide aeration. Lawn sand has also been applied to harden the greens and eliminate moss.
- Soil conditioner has been applied to fairways with selected fairways having been sprayed to repel worms.
- Sticks and general debris removed.

Work planned this month includes:-

- Tees. A slow release fertiliser to be applied to promote growth and a dressing to even the surfaces
- Greens. A cold start feed to be applied to assist growth together with a light dressing.

Doug Christie
Greens Chairman